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Staged Grammars

April 4, 2011

We have successfully implemented and coded grammars that are “staged” – meaning a dataset is parsed either with RE’s or context-free or combinations of both then re-parsed from a database or file with more computationally expensive algorithms.

Example: I parsed a 22,000,000 character file for certain structures that may or may not contain a specific secondary structure and sent that to a text file which was automatically re-parsed for a very specific structure. File 2  in this hierarchy  was of approximately 100,000 characters.

The original 22 million char. file was parsed in ~ 2 seconds while the second file of 100k char. parsed in ~55 minutes. (Noting that these are linear parses, matching the 2nd structure would have taken roughly 220 hours.) – A huge advantage !

Several grammars coupled with results may be chained and/or  branched together,  working from less-specific to highly-specific patterns.

I’ll get to posting up  some example .exe’s  next month after some grant work is completed.

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