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Evolving Grammar Rules

January 2, 2014


Work continues on several fronts. I have designed an application that reads my grammars from a file and modifies them as needed. 
A sample rule set printed to a file looks like this:

rule –> “%^%^%”$%’x’^%4(%(%([‘T’$%’RHO’;’x’;’`\”A\”+x’.%)%|%(%([‘A’$%’RHO’;’x’;’`\”T\”+x’.%)%|%(%([‘G’$%’RHO’;’x’;’`\”C\”+x’.%)%|%(%([‘C’$%’RHO’;’x’;’`\”G\”+x’.%)%)%)%)%)%)[6’AGCT’#%’x’!%’stem’^”

(This simple grammar matches an rna stem-loop structure where stem size = 4, loop size =6)

Variables may be placed anywhere in the grammar and manipulated by the accompanying C++ code. Combined with ML and/or GA algorithms, this makes for an extremely powerful pattern matching machine. 

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